We observe on behalf of professional sports clubs.

Football Observer
what do we do?

We observe on behalf of professional sports clubs. We do analysis, evaluation, archiving and scouting of players and teams. This figure is however precluded from the activities referred to in art. 1 paragraph 2 of these Regulations. To further clarify the definition of the profile in analysis and the evaluation.

The profile in analysis can have
a dual function:

1. to identify, monitor and analyze promising youngsters and players with suitable skills to meet the needs of a team’s scheme and game; the scouting activity in this case can take place during a game or a training session.

2. To study the tactics and characteristics of the opposing teams in order to provide technical details and valuable information to the coach with whom he collaborates.

In the first case he performs the function of talent scout, in the second he observes. It is not enough to analyze features such as technique, speed, strength, flexibility, versatility and resistance; important as this elements are, they must be evaluated and considered in relation to the context in which the player will be inserted, therefore also in relation to the other members of the team, the category, the same coach and the related needs.

For this and from a professional point of view, we have well-founded and up-to-date know-how about the legal aspects of the football field in the football school. Given the international nature of the sport, this knowledge is sufficient for both Italian and foreign rules and regulations: FIFA membership rules, player transfers, formalities to be carried out.

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